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Freephone 0800 157 7707

How do I book a band?
When you have browsed through to the bands on the website and you have found a band you are interested in then click the "contact" button above and drop us an email.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
We require a small deposit to the secure the band for your event. The remainder of the fee is paid directly to the act a week prior to the performance date.

How big a stage area is required?
Something about 5m x 5m would be ok for a 4-piece. It doesn't have to be raised. Note for marquees: Drummers need a flat, stable surface to play. Carpeted grass creates a wobbly drumkit = bad.

Can I see the band perform?
Yes, we can email you a list of club dates.

If I book a band will I also need a DJ?
All our bands can provide recorded music via an I-pod during their interval.

There are noise restrictions at my venue. Is this a problem?
Sound limiters or meters are designed to restrict the volume of the band during their performance. The first thing is to check with the venue what sort of bands regularly play there. If they say that pop/rock bands play there without problems then you should be OK.

How long do the bands play for?
2 hours in total. Either 2 x 60 minutes or 3 x 40 minute sets.

The venue requires a PAT certificate. Can you provide?
Yes, everyone of our bands' equipment is tested for electrical soundness.

The venue requires a Public Liability Insurance certificate. Can you provide?
Yes, everyone of our bands has public liability insurance.

Are we required to supply the band with hot food?
Wherever possible, yes. The musicians will typically be away from home for 12 hours or more, and this is why they need something fairly substantial to eat to keep them going.

If you have any other questions not covered here then don't hesitate to contact us.

















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